we make

the most delicious Tequeños

in the world

We are a bakery business founded in 2005.

We manufacture Gourmet Tequeños for wholesale and retail. We have a retail store and manufacturing facility in Kendall, FL and a retail store in Doral, FL.

We make the most delicious Gourmet Tequeños in the world. The "mania" is in our menu because we do not just make the original Tequeño filled with white cheese but we make them with other fillings like Beef, Chicken, Spinach, Guava, Chocolate and many more.

And it is Gourmet because we use the best ingredients on the market and we manufacture with the highest standard in the industry. We also make the Cachitos with different filling.

You could check our menu and come to Miami (Kendall) or Doral to try them. Our Gourmet Tequeños and Cachitos are the best in the world!

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