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    We all have our “Manias”, and they make us UNIQUE,
    but in our case, they also make us IRRESISTIBLE,
    because we strive to be the BEST
    and to make the most delicious tequeños, cachitos, chichas
    and cocadas, with the HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients!

    Join our MANIA for Excellence!

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Owning a TEQUEÑOMANIA® franchise means:

  • Being part of a family of
  • Owning your own business.
  • Having the guide of a brand that has been consolidated in the market.
  • Being backed by great
    quality products.
  • Offering a service that consumers
    love in a clean and nice environment.

makes us different?

We are the best known brand
in the market, mixing tradition
of hand-made products
with the best ingredients and fun
and delicious flavour combinations,
which make TEQUEÑOMANIA®
the ideal place to spend time with your family.


facts speakFOR THEMSELVES...

We are a unique franchise with
no significant competitors in a market
saturated with burgers, pizzas,
sandwiches, ice cream and yogurt,
TEQUEÑOMANIA® becomes the ideal
option when choosing where to invest.

Cheese Cheese Flour Tequeño
    in the Tequeños market
    in Southern Florida
  • More than
    21 flavours

    in Tequeños
  • There are more and more

    joining in the Tequeño-Mania
  • We also offer

    with different fillings
  • in a box
    Tequeño boxes
    to take home
  • We are a

    in latinos parties
  • More than

    followers on Instagram and Facebook!
  • Our product is associated with
    & celebration!

Be part of the Craze
by owning a Franchise!


To be a leading company offering the best gourmet ethnic snack food worldwide and to be recognized for the quality of our products, the smile in our service, and the innovation of our menu.


TEQUEÑOMANIA®is an organization that offers healthy and assorted gourmet ethnic snack food made with the highest quality ingredients and production methods. We are committed to our suppliers and employees, generating value to our founders and guests through excellence in our management.

CLIENTS’ Testimonials

I love coming to the TEQUEÑOMANIA® store with my family and enjoying all the different flavors of tequeños there are, there’s one for everyone’s taste!

You can see that a lot of care and attention go to each tequeño, their products are excellent!

If we have family or friends coming over to our house, we always stop by TEQUEÑOMANIA® and take a couple boxes of tequeños, there’s nothing like sharing them at home!

The stores are always clean and their personnel greet me as if I had just arrived to a friend’s house, always with a smile.

My kids love the cachitos, I like ordering chicha with condensed milk and cinnamon and a coconut milkshake to go for my husband; there’s something for everyone in the family.

I like checking out their social media a lot and looking out for each month’s featured tequeño, they’re all great!

I’m a fan of their brand, their products and I always have a pleasant experience going to their stores; they have great service.

If you share our craze
towards being the best,
get to know a little more
about our franchise:

Question Tequeño


  • What is the cost of a TEQUEÑOMANIA® franchise?
    US$ 25,000
  • How much do I need to invest to open my own TEQUEÑOMANIA® store?
    Total investment is estimated between
    US$ 231,100 y US$ 332,500
  • How long does the franchise contract last?
    10 years.
  • What happens when the franchise contract expires?
    You can renew up to two periods of 5 years each.
  • How much do I need to pay in royalties?
    5% of your monthly gross sales.
  • How much do I need to pay in marketing?
    2% of your monthly gross sales.
  • How much do I need to pay in Brand Development?
    1% of your monthly gross sales.

TEQUEÑOMANIA®is really easyto operate as a franchise!

Our very own factory elaborates and distributes the products that will be sold, and every store cooks them following simple procedures. This simple operation makes operative cost reduction easier and raises productivity.

What’s the
next step?

Simply complete our INFORMATION FORM.
Upon receiving the form we will contact you.

You can also feel free to contact our
franchise department at

What are you
waiting for?

Simply contact us to receive more information
and become a successful franchise owner.

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